Georgia will provide additional staff support for hospitals

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on Georgia’s health system, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced today that the state will continue to provide additional staffing for hospitals.

The news comes as the state reported 8,064 new coronavirus cases in one day Thursday along with 56 new deaths and 300 new hospitalizations. The state currently averages more than 4,600 new cases every day.

Kemp announced the continued support at an event at Grady Memorial Hospital and said the state intends to support hospitals and nursing homes across Georgia through early March 2021.

“Our frontline healthcare workers have been invaluable heroes in our fight with COVID-19,” Kemp said. “In recent months, they have gone above and beyond, working long hours away from their families, as we face a once-in-a-century public health crisis. Hospital and long-term care facility leaders have been our eyes and ears on the front lines, making us aware of any issues so the state can respond quickly to help them keep Georgians healthy. Due to the realities of a worldwide pandemic and increased demand on healthcare professionals, staffing has remained a key challenge for every facility.”

Kemp said the state plans to spend about $250 million on additional staff by the end of the year and will be committing an additional $70 million through early March to shore up strained hospitals and long-term care facilities.