Justice for Keke: Decades-old Mystery of Ware County’s ‘Baby Jane Doe’ Solved

November 13, 2023
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In the shadowed woodlands of Millwood, the past locked away a mystery that endured for decades. A grim discovery made on a cold December day in 1988 has finally unravelled its secrets, revealing a story of innocence lost and justice long deferred.

Identified after years of anonymity, the remains of five-year-old Kenyatta “KeKe” Odom have brought a somber closure to a case that perplexed the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for over thirty years.

Arrested are the child’s mother, Evelyn Odom, now known as Zmecca Luciana, and her live-in boyfriend at the time Ulyster Sanders, whose lives were intertwined with the tragedy. Charged with crimes that speak to unspeakable cruelty, they stand accused of ending a life that scarcely had the chance to blossom.

It was in a container, encased in concrete, that the small girl was found, sparking a death investigation that spanned across states and years. Despite exhaustive efforts, her identity remained elusive, a child with no name, becoming Ware Baby Jane Doe. The search stretched far and wide, reaching out to missing persons in states from Michigan to South Carolina, all met with dead ends.

Turning to modern science, GBI’s relentless pursuit of truth used genome sequencing, a testament to their dedication and the advancements in forensic technology. A family tree rooted in Albany’s soil finally pointed to Kenyatta’s lineage. But it was the vigilant eyes and ears of the public, responding to an anniversary news story, that led to the critical breakthrough.

On November 1, 2023, a Grand Jury acknowledged the weight of evidence, sealing the fate of Evelyn and Ulyster with a True Bill. Their arrests followed, bringing a solemn promise of due process and potential for justice served.

This intricate tapestry of investigation wove together the efforts of multiple organizations and individuals, from local law enforcement to private labs, showcasing community and innovation in equal measure. A $5,000 reward, offered by an unseen benefactor, epitomized the communal desire for resolution.

As the case proceeds to the hands of the district attorney, one can only hope for justice to be as steadfast and enduring as the search for truth has been.

The tale of Kenyatta “KeKe” Odom, from lost to found, from unknown to unforgettable, now awaits its final chapter in the halls of justice.

⚠️ Reminder: Crime articles contain only charges and information from police reports and law enforcement statements. Suspects and defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.


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