Columbus Offered $5,000 Incentives for Remote Workers to Move There. Now 16 of Them Are Moving in

July 9, 2024
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Columbus Offered $5,000 Incentives for Remote Workers to Move There. Now 16 of Them Are Moving in
Columbus, Georgia, USA downtown skyline and park.

The City of Columbus selected 16 finalists from over 7,000 applicants for its Remote Worker Talent Incentive Program, set to relocate this summer.

🏙️ Why It Matters: This initiative is expected to inject over $2 million annually into the local economy through new residents’ spending and tax contributions, potentially revitalizing the city’s workforce and community.

🚚 What’s Happening: The program, a partnership between Columbus 2025 and MakeMyMove, aims to attract remote workers to the city with a package of incentives and community integration opportunities.

  • Finalists, with a median age of 34, come from several U.S. cities including Woodland Hills, California and Atlanta.
  • The cohort represents diverse career backgrounds such as marketing, cybersecurity, and healthcare.

💴 The Deal: The workers who were chosen were offered $5,000 incentives to relocate to Columbus. In return, by living in the city they will put money into the local economy when they shop, eat, or do activities in the city, giving a boost to the local economy and tax base.

🤝 Between the Lines: The program emphasizes community connection, offering participants:

  • Coffee meetings with the mayor
  • Annual community outings like rafting and ziplining
  • Access to local ambassadors through the Columbus Connectors program

💼 The Big Picture: This initiative reflects a growing trend of mid-sized cities leveraging remote work to boost local economies and populations. Columbus’s focus on arts, professional networking, and community integration could serve as a model for similar programs nationwide.

  • The program includes incentives like coworking space memberships and access to young professional networks.
  • Five of the 16 movers are former Columbus residents, showing the city’s appeal for both new and returning talent.

According to Tabetha Getz, executive director of Columbus 2025, “One of the most rewarding aspects of the Columbus MakeMyMove process has been the collaborative effort of our entire community to welcome new talent to Columbus.”

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