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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Grass Clippings in The Road


🚨 The Gist: The Banks County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents about the hazards grass clippings and yard waste can pose to motorcyclists when left on the roadway.

🤔 Why It Matters: Grass clippings and other debris on the road can create slick conditions similar to oil slicks or ice, which can cause motorcyclists to lose traction and potentially lead to accidents. Raising awareness about this issue can help prevent accidents and keep motorcyclists safe.

What’s Happening:

  • The Banks County Sheriff’s Office compared the hazards of grass clippings on the roadway to those of oil slicks or ice.
  • They urged residents to be considerate of motorcyclists and avoid blowing yard waste onto the roads.

🖼️ The Big Picture: Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to road hazards due to their vehicles’ inherent instability compared to four-wheeled vehicles. By maintaining their tires and remaining vigilant of potential hazards, motorcyclists can reduce their risk of accidents. However, the cooperation of the community in keeping roads clear of debris is crucial for everyone’s safety.

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