What Will The Weather Be Like For Easter in Georgia?
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What Will The Weather Be Like For Easter in Georgia?


As Georgia prepares for an Easter weekend that’s expected to be as sunny as the disposition of someone who’s just found the last chocolate egg, let’s take a detailed dive into what the weather has in store.

Spoiler Alert: It’s a lot of sun, with a side of “you might not need that jacket after all.”

Today: It’s sunny with a high near 73. The north wind, showing a rare moment of decisiveness, settles around 5 mph before it gives up the ghost and calms down entirely. It’s the kind of day that screams “spring is here,” prompting everyone to optimistically stash away their winter coats, only to regret it by sundown.

Tonight: The skies stay as clear as your schedule should be to make room for all the Easter prep. With a low around 48, the south wind tries to make a cameo at around 5 mph before deciding it’s not really up for it. If you’re planning any late-night escapades, like rigorously testing the Easter candy for quality control, it’s perfect weather.

Saturday: The sun will take it up a notch to a high near 78. Skies will be mostly clear by night, with a low around 51. Essentially, Saturday’s weather is so agreeable, it will feel like it’s trying to make up for past transgressions. Or perhaps it’s just the calm before the pollen storm.

Sunday (Easter): Mostly sunny, because even the weather can’t resist the theme of renewal that Easter embodies, with a high near 81. By night, it will be partly cloudy with a low around 60. Ideal for any of your twilight Easter traditions, like debating whether the ears or tail of the chocolate bunny should be eaten first.

Monday: Partly sunny with a high near 82, because apparently, Georgia decided that spring was merely a suggestion and we’re just going to skip ahead to summer.

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