Savannah’s Abercorn Street Reopens After Roadway Failure, But Repairs Aren’t Over

March 29, 2024
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Savannah's Abercorn Street Reopens After Roadway Failure, But Repairs Aren't Over

🚧 The Gist: Temporary repairs have been made on Abercorn Street between 52nd and 54th Streets in Savannah, reopening southbound lanes after a roadway failure earlier today.

🚜 The Details: The closure was initiated following a roadway failure attributed to a damaged stormwater pipe. After quick temporary repairs, the affected southbound lanes were reopened to traffic. City officials have announced that permanent repairs are scheduled to start on Tuesday, April 2. These repairs will require the closure of the southbound lanes once again, with detours at 52nd Street.

The northbound lanes will not be affected by these repairs, which are expected to span several days.

🛠️ What’s Next?: City staff plan to commence permanent repairs to the stormwater pipe on April 2, necessitating further temporary closures of the southbound lanes on Abercorn Street. Updates from city officials will provide guidance to residents and commuters during the repair period.

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