Car Accident Attorney, Simon Bridgers Spires, Redefines Legal Advocacy in Atlanta, GA

February 20, 2024
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Simon Bridgers Spires is a personal injury law firm advocating for car accident victims in Atlanta. The firm is known for its reliable customer service, transparency, and client-centric approach.

Atlanta, GA – Simon Bridgers Spires is a personal injury law firm representing car accident victims in Atlanta. The firm’s foundation is built upon the collective skills and experience of its founders: Christopher Simon, Harrison Wade Spires, and Tyler H. Bridgers. These attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience, making them trusted advocates for those seeking justice after personal injuries. 

Christopher Simon, leveraging his experience in defending insurance companies, has transitioned to advocating for individuals affected by these companies. The Atlanta Car Accident Attorney has encountered diverse insurance issues in his 25 years of practice and understands the financial challenges and time constraints faced by individuals dealing with serious injuries. He guides clients through the insurance claims process, explaining each step of the process and offering insights into the potential duration and alternative routes to resolution.

Harrison Wade Spires, a dedicated trial lawyer, brings a wealth of experience in representing individuals and families affected by negligent acts. Spires has litigated numerous cases in both state and federal courts throughout Georgia. Before joining Simon Bridgers Spires, the Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer spent several years defending major corporations, now leveraging this experience to advocate for victims and challenge corporations on their behalf. His focus on evidence gathering, primarily through defendant depositions, underscores the thorough approach the firm employs in each case.

Tyler H. Bridgers rounds out the trio, exclusively representing injured victims since the inception of his legal career. He has tried dozens of cases across Georgia and shares the firm’s ethos of treating clients like family. 

With the team, Simon Bridgers Spires prides itself on understanding the uniqueness of each accident yet consistently applying a high degree of skill and effort to every case.

While car accidents are the firm’s primary focus, Simon Bridgers Spires also handles various other personal injury cases, including but not limited to construction accidents, DUI accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and tractor-trailer accidents. The attorneys leverage their deep understanding of the state’s tort liability system and fault laws to effectively convey information and arguments to insurance companies.

Effective communication is the key to the attorney-client relationship at Simon Bridgers Spires. Clients are kept informed about their cases at all times, with a clear understanding of the realistic timelines set for resolution. The Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer extends respectful treatment to clients, guiding them through what may be the most challenging period of their lives.

For those seeking a reliable and experienced personal injury law firm in Atlanta, Simon Bridgers Spires stands as a beacon of hope. The firm continues to uphold its solid reputation by providing trusted legal representation and support to clients in their pursuit of justice.

About Simon Bridgers Spires:

Simon Bridgers Spires is a personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded by seasoned attorneys Christopher Simon, Harrison Wade Spires, and Tyler H. Bridgers. The firm prioritizes effective communication, personalized attention, and a selective approach to ensure clients receive top-notch representation and support in their pursuit of justice.

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