Should Bibb County Sheriff's Deputies Get a Pay Raise?

Should Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputies Get a Pay Raise?


The Gist: In an effort to retain deputies and remain competitive, the Sheriff of Bibb County, Georgia, has asked for a 6% salary increase for the office’s staff.

The Details: Citing challenges in recruitment and retention, the Sheriff’s Office of Bibb County has outlined a significant proposal to increase staff salaries. Sheriff David Davis emphasized the need for competitive pay within the region to maintain a workforce of committed and skilled deputies. The proposal includes a step increase, aiming for equity and retention, particularly for those with over a decade of service.

By The Numbers:

  • A suggested 6% pay increase for current and future deputies.
  • New starting pay for certified deputies proposed at $46,176, up from $43,576.
  • Starting pay for non-certified deputies could rise to $38,376

The Big Picture: Recruitment and retention issues in law enforcement are a national concern, with many departments facing similar challenges. Bibb County’s approach reflects a broader trend of adjusting compensation to ensure public safety agencies can attract and retain quality personnel.

What’s Next?: The proposed pay adjustments would be included in the fiscal year 2025 budget, effective July 7, 2024.

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