Here's Why Traffic is Backed Up on Jimmy Carter Blvd. Today

Here’s Why Traffic is Backed Up on Jimmy Carter Blvd. Today


🚨 The Gist: Traffic lights at Jimmy Carter Blvd. and Buford Highway in Norcross are out due to a power outage.

🛑 The Details: Residents and commuters in Norcross are advised to exercise caution as traffic lights at the key intersection of Jimmy Carter Blvd and Buford Highway have stopped working. The malfunction is attributed to a power outage affecting the area. Local authorities urge drivers to treat all affected intersections as four-way stops until the issue is resolved.

🌐 The Big Picture: Traffic light malfunctions can lead to increased risks of accidents and congestion, especially in busy areas like Norcross. Power outages impacting traffic systems highlight the importance of robust infrastructure and quick response mechanisms.

💡 Why It Matters: For Norcross residents and those passing through, understanding traffic light protocols during outages is crucial for road safety and preventing accidents.

👉 What You Can Do: Stay informed on traffic updates and plan alternative routes if possible. Always approach intersections with caution and follow the four-way stop rule during outages.

🕒 What’s Next?: Technicians are working to restore power and fix the traffic lights. No specific timeline has been provided for when the lights will be back in operation.

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