Want to Run for Office on Oconee County? Here’s How

February 4, 2024
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Want to Run for Office on Oconee County? Here's How

🏡 The Gist: Residents of Oconee County and Watkinsville with political ambitions have a golden opportunity to step up and make a difference in their community, starting with an essential first step in March 2024.

📋 The Details: To embark on the journey of public service, whether you’re eyeing a seat on the County Board or a City Council position, you must first qualify to run for office. This critical process, taking place at the Oconee County Administrative Building from March 4th to 8th, 2024, includes submitting your candidacy papers and a fee. It’s the official start to becoming a candidate, determining if your name will appear on the ballot.

🏁 What is Qualifying: While qualifying terms for each elected office may vary, all candidates who appear on a ballot must pay fees and qualify with their local elections office during what is called a qualifying period. Typically, qualifications include living in the area where the candidate seeks to hold office.

💵 By The Numbers:

  • Fees for county positions like Chairman of the Board of Commissioners are $3,161.31, while a spot on the Board of Education is $54.
  • For the City of Watkinsville Council Posts, the fee is $72 across the board.

🖼️ The Big Picture: This is more than a procedural step; it’s the beginning of a potential journey to influence and direct the future of Oconee County and Watkinsville. The process ensures that all candidates meet the standards required to serve if elected.

🌟 What You Can Do: If you’ve been contemplating how you can serve your community, now’s the time to act. Prepare your paperwork, check the fee for your desired position, and get ready to make your candidacy official in March.

🔜 What’s Next?: After the qualifying period closes, candidates will hit the ground running with their campaigns, reaching out to community members and sharing their visions for a better Oconee County and Watkinsville.

🔗 Go Deeper: For more information on the qualifying process and what you need to get started, visit Oconee County’s and the City of Watkinsville’s official websites. They provide all the details aspiring candidates need to know.

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