Cobb County’s Water Is Safe Again: Boil Water Advisory Lifted

January 20, 2024
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Cobb County's Water Is Safe Again: Boil Water Advisory Lifted

💧 The Gist: The boil water advisory affecting parts of south Cobb County has been lifted following negative bacteria tests, signaling safe water consumption.

💡 The Details: Residents in south Cobb County can now use their water without boiling, as recent tests confirm its safety. This update follows a water main break in Powder Springs, which had necessitated the advisory. The Cobb County Marietta Water Authority responsible for the area’s water supply, confirmed the water’s safety after thorough testing.

🔄 What’s Next?: With the advisory lifted, normal water usage can resume. Residents are advised to let their taps run for a few minutes to clear out any potentially stagnant water.

🔍 Go Deeper: For more information on water safety and future updates, residents can visit Cobb County Marietta Water Authority.

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