Officers Use Deadly Force in Response to Suicide Threat in Snellville

January 16, 2024
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Officers Use Deadly Force in Response to Suicide Threat in Snellville

🚨 The Gist: Gwinnett County Police Department officers were involved in a shooting at an apartment community in Snellville after a man armed with a handgun fired at them.

🔍 The Details: The incident occurred at 2300 Country Walk, Snellville. A woman alerted authorities about a man threatening suicide. According to police, the man, agitated and armed, was in the parking lot, ignoring officers’ requests to remove his hand from his pocket. After a 20-minute de-escalation attempt, police say the man suddenly fired at the officers, leading to the officers from Gwinnett County and Snellville returning fire and wounding him.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • 1 armed individual
  • 2 Gwinnett County officers and 1 Snellville officer involved
  • 20 minutes of negotiation prior to the shooting

🔮 What’s Next?: The Gwinnett County Police Department Deadly Force Investigative Team will handle the investigation. The man will face criminal charges upon his hospital release.

👮‍♂️ Gun Crimes in Our Communities: In the ongoing narrative of America’s complex relationship with firearms, statistics tell a tale that’s difficult to ignore. The Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit meticulously tracking gun incidents, lays it out in black and white. Here’s how it stacks up:

  • 2020 Statistics
    • Total gun-related incidents: 43,551
    • Gun-related deaths: 19,379
    • Gun-related injuries: 39,707
    • Mass shootings: 612
  • 2019 Statistics
    • Total gun-related incidents: 39,707
    • Gun-related deaths: 15,208
    • Gun-related injuries: 29,613
    • Mass shootings: 417

To Be Clear: These aren’t just digits on a page. Each statistic represents a life affected, a community shaken. And what’s more, these numbers tell us that the situation isn’t improving.

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