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January 16, 2024
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Alternative energy may be the key to a better future, but its implementation is a complex process from a legal perspective. The situation is complicated by differences between states and constantly changing regulations. In this article, we’ll look at what Georgia laws say about solar energy.

Problem Overview

Currently, Georgia has a poorer state of solar panel adoption than other states. It is due to reduced benefits and problems with local legislation. The state has laws protecting solar energy consumers or regulating this area. It has led to companies in the state refusing to sell solar panels. Such a business is unprofitable due to low demand.

However, this was not always the case. Back in 2008, Georgia had a significant tax incentive that made solar energy particularly profitable. Then, in 2015, the Solar Free Market Finance Act made it possible to buy electricity and lease solar power.

The use of alternative energy in this sunny state is justified because the number of cloudy days here is minimal. The weather conditions are ideal for getting the most out of the Sun. However, the positive changes occur mainly in the commercial sphere. Large enterprises install entire fields of panels. Private households practically do not use this opportunity. Of course, this does not mean that residents of this state cannot install panels. If you are thinking about switching to this type of energy, get a solar quote now free of charge.

The main problem is that Georgia still needs to adopt RPS. This law allows the state to determine what part of energy comes from alternative sources. At the same time, enterprises that do not meet the established standards must pay fines. It stimulates and speeds up the installation of the necessary equipment.

Laws in Force in Georgia

Now, let’s talk in more detail about the laws regulating the consumption of wave energy in Georgia.

Solar Rights Law

This law, passed in 2015, protects the rights of people who want to install solar panels. It states that homeowners associations cannot deny your solar installation without a good reason. According to this law, you can also request and challenge reasons for the refusal. The only thing that can prevent the installation of necessary equipment is a threat to public health and safety.

The Georgia Solar Rights Law can benefit you in many ways. It can protect your rights, lower your bills, and support renewable energy development. However, the law can also cause some problems. It may become a reason for conflicts or disputes with your associations.

Federal Solar Energy Tax Credits

As we already wrote, Georgia residents no longer have special tax breaks. However, they can take advantage of the federal program. It allows you to return up to 30% of the funds spent installing solar equipment. This benefit is valid until 2034, but its size will gradually decrease. Therefore, you should hurry up and switch to solar energy to save money.

To receive the benefit, you need to file your return correctly. You can obtain detailed information about the required documents on the IRS website or consult with a tax expert.

Net Metering

Georgia residents have another way to reduce their energy costs. You may save money if your system produces more energy than you consume. The power company determines how much energy you send back to the grid. You will then either receive the money or a corresponding reduction in future payments.


Solar legislation in Georgia still needs improvement. At the same time, the state’s weather conditions are ideal for expanding solar energy use. This area is currently regulated by only one local law and several federal laws. Despite certain tax incentives, the rights of homeowners who want to switch to solar energy are still poorly protected. It is hoped that the situation will change in the future.

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