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How to Get a Ride Home on New Year’s Eve in Georgia


🚗 The Gist: To ensure safety on New Year’s Eve, Georgia has partnered with Lyft and a local law firm to provide free ride credits and vouchers. The initiatives aim to prevent drunk driving incidents.

📰 The Details:

  • The Governor’s Highway Safety Association in Georgia, in collaboration with Lyft, is offering free ride credits to reduce drunk driving risks over the New Year’s Eve holiday. A $20,000 grant supports this initiative. Lyft users can enter the code “GAGOHS2023” for a $20 ride credit.
  • In Savannah, the personal injury law firm Farah & Farah is running its “Safe Ride Home Program.” This program offers free Uber and taxi rides to residents celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s the ninth consecutive year for this initiative, providing a $50 Uber credit for a safe ride home. The credits will be available from the evening of December 31 until New Year’s Day.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • A $20,000 grant was awarded for Lyft ride credits.
  • $20 ride credit per Lyft user.
  • $50 Uber credit for riders in Savannah.

🔍 In Context: Georgia’s efforts to provide free transportation services on New Year’s Eve are part of a broader strategy to reduce drunk driving incidents, which tend to spike during holidays. Similar initiatives are often seen across various states in the U.S., reflecting a nationwide commitment to road safety during festive seasons.

Why It Matters: These services are crucial for public safety, aiming to lower the number of drunk driving incidents, which can lead to serious accidents and fatalities. By providing accessible alternatives to driving under the influence, these programs help ensure a safer holiday period for everyone on the roads.

📣 What You Can Do:mGeorgia residents planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve can take advantage of these free services by downloading the Lyft app and using the provided code or by visiting Farah and Farah’s website to claim their Uber credit. It’s advised to plan ahead and secure these services before the festivities begin.

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