Norcross Trash Pickup Schedule for Christmas Week Released

December 20, 2023
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Norcross Trash Pickup Schedule for Christmas Week Released
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🚚 The Gist: Norcross residents should prepare for a one-day delay in sanitation and recycling services due to the Christmas holiday.

📅 The Details: The city of Norcross announced that sanitation and recycling collections will be postponed by one day, from Tuesday through Sunday. This change is due to the Christmas Day holiday, with no services provided on Monday, December 25. Residents are advised to adjust their waste disposal schedules accordingly during this period.

🗓️ By The Numbers:

  • 1-day delay in services
  • No collections on Monday, December 25

⏭️ What’s Next?: Regular sanitation and recycling services will resume following the one-week adjustment period. Residents are encouraged to stay informed about any further announcements from the city regarding service schedules.

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