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Should You Use Hazard Lights When You Drive in the Rain?


🌧️ The Gist: Georgia’s traffic laws require the use of headlights in poor weather conditions, while advising against the use of hazard lights while driving.

🚘 The Details: In Georgia, under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated motorists are mandated to activate their headlights when driving in rain or snow. This law is designed to enhance visibility and safety during adverse weather conditions.

However, the use of hazard lights while in motion is discouraged, although not illegal in the state. The rationale is that hazard lights may convey a false impression that a vehicle is stationary or experiencing difficulties, potentially leading to confusion and safety risks on the road. Hazard lights can also interfere with the visibility of brake lights and the ability to signal turns, further increasing the risk of accidents.

🚗 Why It Matters: Understanding and adhering to these traffic laws and recommendations is crucial for ensuring road safety, especially during the holiday season when traffic volume increases. Misuse of hazard lights can lead to misinterpretations by other drivers, increasing the likelihood of collisions. By following these guidelines, drivers in Kennesaw and across Georgia can contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone.

🛑 What You Can Do: Drivers are encouraged to use their headlights in bad weather and to avoid using hazard lights while the vehicle is in motion. In situations where visibility is severely impaired by weather conditions, it is advisable to safely pull over and wait for improvements. When stopped or disabled on the roadway or shoulder, the use of hazard lights is appropriate to signal the need for assistance.

🔜 What’s Next?: Ongoing efforts to educate the public about safe driving practices in bad weather are expected to continue, especially during the holiday season. Drivers are reminded to stay informed about state traffic laws and to exercise caution under challenging driving conditions.

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