Are You Experiencing ‘Shift Shock’ at Work? How About ‘Quiet Cutting?’

November 30, 2023
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Are You Experiencing 'Shift Shock' at Work? How About 'Quiet Cutting?'

As 2023 comes to a close, the workforce in Georgia has coined some catchy phrases that speak volumes about the year’s work trends. A study by highlights these phrases, offering a glimpse into the real talk of the workplace.

“Shift Shock” is at the forefront, a term that nails the feeling when a job turns out to be totally different than what you signed up for. Imagine starting a job thinking you’ll be doing one thing, and then, bam, you’re stuck with tasks you never agreed to. Shaun Connell from puts it this way: “the dream job that seemed like a perfect match in the interview, but now feels like a blind date gone wrong, where the job’s charming profile picture doesn’t quite match its in-person reality.”

Next up is “Chaotic Working.” It’s all about those days when everything’s a mess, and you’re juggling a million things at once. You finish one task, and three more pop up. It is described as “a never-ending game of corporate whack-a-mole,” where you’re constantly on the move, but it feels like you’re not getting anywhere.

Then there’s “Bare Minimum Mondays,” a term for those sluggish starts to the week when everyone’s just doing the bare minimum to get by. You know the drill: short replies to emails, keeping reports brief, and just enough nodding in meetings to show you’re not asleep. It’s the workplace’s way of saying, “Let’s ease into the week.”

“Career Cushioning” reflects the hustle of workers looking out for their future. It’s about stacking up skills, contacts, and side gigs as a safety net. It’s like prepping for a possible job loss or a career change. People are keeping their options open and their LinkedIn profiles shiny.

“Boomerang Employee” is for those who leave a job but end up coming back later – often with new skills or experiences. It’s like leaving home, seeing the world, and then returning with new stories.

Finally, there’s “Quiet Cutting.” This one’s a bit sneaky – it’s like a subtle way companies are changing your job without making a big fuss. Connell says, it’s when the music stops in corporate musical chairs, and you find your role has changed, often without much say.

Connell summarizes the study by saying, “These phrases are more than just catchy terms; they’re a reflection of the real experiences and strategies of workers navigating today’s workplace.”

Each of these phrases gives voice to the diverse and sometimes challenging experiences of Georgia’s workers in 2023, painting a vivid picture of the evolving work landscape.

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