Did Keisha Lance Bottoms Redeem Herself With This Year’s Mac and Cheese Attempt?

November 24, 2023
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Did Keisha Lance Bottoms Redeem Herself With This Year's Mac and Cheese Attempt?

The Gist:
Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, known for her 2018 mac and cheese mishap, gave the dish another go this Thanksgiving, earning “family-approved” status.

🍽️ The Details: Keisha Lance Bottoms revisited her infamous 2018 holiday mac and cheese attempt, humorously reflecting on the past with an Instagram post. In 2018, her culinary creation sparked jokes and even a comment from Stouffers. This year, she shared a video on Thanksgiving Day, where her family taste-tested her latest version against her brother’s.

Receiving nods of approval from her mom and brother, Bottoms humorously asked, “Can we put this to bed now?”

📹 The Post: See Bottoms’ improved dish below:

🧀 Why It Matters: Bottoms’ mac and cheese journey, from a social media faux pas to a family-approved dish, reflects a light-hearted, humanizing aspect of public figures. It’s a reminder that everyone, regardless of status, can have humble moments in everyday tasks like cooking.

😄 What’s Next?: While this Thanksgiving marks a redemption for Bottoms’ culinary skills, her playful attitude towards past failures and willingness to try again might inspire others to embrace their own cooking mishaps with humor and resilience.

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