How Far Are Georgians Willing To Drive for Mom’s Thanksgiving Feast?

November 21, 2023
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🍂 The Gist: Georgians are showing significant dedication to Thanksgiving traditions, willing to travel an average of 5.7 hours for a taste of home cooking, as revealed in a nationwide survey.

🏡 The Details: Gunther Mazda’s survey, conducted across the United States, highlighted Georgia as a state where residents deeply value Thanksgiving traditions. While the national average for traveling to enjoy Thanksgiving meals at home is 4.6 hours, Georgians surpass this, ready to journey 5.7 hours to reunite with family and indulge in home-cooked delicacies.

🍗 In Context: Thanksgiving in Georgia mirrors the broader American trend of valuing family and culinary traditions. The state’s residents, known for their Southern hospitality and rich culinary heritage, exemplify a strong commitment to family gatherings during this festive season.

🚗 Why It Matters: The findings underscore the importance of Thanksgiving as a time for family reunions and traditional meals in Georgia. This commitment to travel distances reflects the deep-rooted cultural and familial bonds associated with the holiday.

📊 State Comparison: While Georgians are prepared to travel 5.7 hours, the survey also found that residents of Wyoming are willing to go the furthest, averaging a 14-hour journey. Rhode Islanders, in contrast, prefer to stay within an hour’s travel.

🚘 What’s Next?: With Thanksgiving approaching, Georgia’s roads and transport systems are likely to be busier as residents travel across the state and beyond to celebrate with loved ones. This trend offers an insight into the enduring importance of Thanksgiving traditions in the state.

🛣️ Travel Tips: For those embarking on long journeys, it’s important to plan ahead for traffic, check weather conditions, ensure vehicle maintenance, and remain flexible with travel plans to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to their Thanksgiving destinations.

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