Election Results: Woodstock Voters Rally Behind $24 Million Trails and Parks Bond

November 8, 2023
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🌳 The Gist: Woodstock’s landscapes are set for a green transformation, as over 86% of voters backed the Trails and Parks Bond Referendum, paving the way for significant park and trail developments.

🔨 The Details: The approved referendum channels $24 million into the creation and enhancement of multiple trails and parks, aiming to boost the city’s green spaces and outdoor connectivity.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • An overwhelming 86% voter approval.
  • $24 million General Obligation Public Improvement Bond passed.
  • Multiple projects including 5.5 miles of natural and paved trails, a water trail system, and a 106-acre park development.

🏞️ In Context: This referendum reflects a strong community commitment to environmental and recreational improvements, which will offer residents new outdoor experiences.

💡 Why It Matters: Enhanced park facilities and trails foster community health, well-being, and economic growth by making Woodstock a more attractive place to live, work, and play.

🙌 How You Can Help: Residents can get involved by participating in future planning meetings, volunteer clean-up events, and advocating for sustainable practices in park usage.

🔜 What’s Next?: With funding secured, the city will now begin detailed planning and construction phases for the trails and parks, including the much-anticipated Little River Park and the Water Trail system.

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