What Will the Weather Be Like in Georgia This Week?

November 6, 2023
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What Will the Weather Be Like in Georgia This Week?

Georgia residents can look forward to a picturesque start to the week, with today’s weather expected to set the tone for a run of sunny days. Forecasters predict ideal conditions with a high near 77 degrees and a gentle touch of calm wind shifting southwest in the afternoon.

As the day turns to night, the skies are set to remain mostly clear with a tranquil low around 47 degrees. A soft south wind will be present at around 5 mph before quieting down, allowing Georgians a pleasant evening to enjoy the early November air.

The warming trend looks to carry into Tuesday, with forecasters promising another day full of sunshine and a high cresting near the 80-degree mark. On Tuesday night, the clear skies will persist, and the temperature is slated to dip to a comfortable low around 48 degrees.

Midweek, the state continues to bathe in warmth and light, with Wednesday’s highs anticipated to edge upward to near 82 degrees. The day will begin with barely a breeze, which will then pick up a southwest flow at a light pace by noon. Nightfall on Wednesday will invite a gentle cool-off, setting lows in the lower 50s, under a mostly clear sky.

The week’s favorable weather is expected to continue through Thursday, which will likely see a mix of sunshine and some cloud cover, reaching a high near 80 once more. However, Thursday night forecasts indicate a shift with more clouds and a low around 57 degrees, hinting at the possibility of a changing weather pattern ahead.

By Friday, the state may need to brace for a change, with a 40 percent chance of showers starting in the afternoon. Despite the high still peaking around the mid-70s, the sky will likely be mostly cloudy, signaling a shift in the week’s otherwise clear conditions. This chance of rain is forecasted to stay through Friday night, with occasional showers and a steady low in the upper 50s.

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