Primitive weapons deer hunting begins October 14 in Georgia

October 4, 2023
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Primitive weapons deer hunting begins October 14 in Georgia

The Gist: Hunters get an early shot at deer hunting Oct. 14 in Georgia’s week-long primitive weapons season.

The Details: Before the regular firearms season starts, Georgia offers hunters the opportunity to hunt with primitive weapons, including archery equipment, air bows, and specific muzzleloading firearms. Young hunters under 16 can also participate, using any legal deer firearm.

By The Numbers:

  • Last year, over 26,000 hunters harvested nearly 10,000 deer.
  • State law permits up to 10 antlerless deer and two antlered deer, with specific conditions.
  • Over one million acres of public hunting land available in Georgia.
  • More than 100 state-operated wildlife management areas in Georgia.

In Context: Charlie Killmaster, a state deer biologist, emphasizes the importance of this season. Mid-October is prime time as bucks become more active ahead of the rut. Meanwhile, the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease looms large, though it hasn’t been detected in Georgia. Hunters play a vital role in preventing its spread.

Why It Matters: With Georgia offering vast public hunting lands, the primitive weapons season not only provides an early hunting opportunity but also helps in managing deer populations effectively. Proper reporting of harvests aids in wildlife management.

How You Can Help: Hunters need to be aware of their roles in preventing diseases like CWD. Avoid bringing whole carcasses or heads from out-of-state hunts, and report deer with any disease symptoms.

Safety Tips: If you’re gearing up for the primitive weapons season, remember: don’t smoke near a muzzleloader, always keep the muzzle in a safe direction, use an intermediate device for pouring powder, and follow manufacturer recommendations for powders and loading materials.

What’s Next: The deer season for most hunters ends on Jan. 14. More details about hunting regulations, safety tips, and other essentials are available on the state’s wildlife website.

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