Candler County Sheriff’s office will delay its live radio feed by 30 minutes. Here’s why

September 9, 2023
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Candler County Sheriff's office will delay its live radio feed by 30 minutes. Here's why

If you’re one of the Candler County residents who relies on the official public safety radio feed to keep tabs on what’s happening in your community, you’ll soon notice a change.

The Candler County Sheriff’s Office announced it will delay its live radio feed by at least 30 minutes, citing a recent criminal incident as the reason behind this decision.

The feed, which has been provided to Broadcastify for public consumption for years, came under scrutiny after an armed robbery at the Pulaski Dollar General. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the individuals involved in the crime were monitoring the radio traffic during the robbery. “We discovered that the person(s) involved in the Pulaski Dollar General Armed Robbery this week were monitoring our public safety radio traffic during the crime,” said the Candler County Sheriff’s Office in an official statement.

Candler County, known for its tight-knit community and scenic locales like the Jack Hill State Park, isn’t typically a hotbed of high-profile crimes. Nevertheless, the situation has raised concerns among law enforcement about the safety of their responders. The Sheriff’s Office stated, “We will still provide the feed to our citizens. However, the feed will be delayed for at least thirty minutes for the safety of our responders.”

In an era where transparency between law enforcement and the public is a key issue, the delay in radio feed availability opens up a conversation about the balance between public access to information and the safety of first responders. And for Candler County’s 11,000 residents, this change means adapting to a new way of staying informed while understanding the necessity of safeguarding those who are sworn to protect them.

This alteration to the feed does not change its accessibility through Broadcastify, but adjustments will be needed for those accustomed to real-time information.

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