Guardians of the Coast: Protecting Georgia’s Wildlife

August 17, 2023
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Guardians of the Coast: Protecting Georgia's Wildlife

Georgia’s coast is a special place with unique animals and nature. It’s not just about the pretty beaches – there’s a lot happening under the water and on land. 

In this article, we’ll talk about certain groups working to keep Georgia’s coastal animals safe. Read more about these cool sea turtles when you take a break from playing real pokies machine games. Find out exactly how the guardians of the coast actually keep them safe!

Taking Care of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are amazing animals found near Georgia’s coast. Loggerhead, green, and Kemp’s ridley turtles make their homes here. These turtles have a hard time because of buildings near the beach and getting caught by accident in fishing gear. But thanks to groups like Turtle Guardians of Georgia, these turtles have friends.

Turtle Guardians of Georgia watch over their nests, protect them from animals that might eat the eggs, and tell people why turtles are so important. Because of their work, more baby turtles can grow up and live in the sea.

Watching Out for Birds

Lots of birds visit Georgia’s coast during their long trips. Some birds, like the painted bunting and the red-cockaded woodpecker, need these places to rest. To make sure they’re safe, the Coastal Bird Watchers are here.

Coastal Bird Watchers take care of bird nests, improve their homes, and tell other people how to save them too. A little education can go a long way when you’re protecting helpless creatures. They’re like bird superheroes!

Saving the Ocean Animals

Under the water, Georgia’s coast has lots of amazing creatures. Gray’s reef is a special place with colorful fish and pretty corals. But sometimes, pollution and too much fishing hurt the reef. Georgia Reef Guardians are working hard to change that.

Georgia Reef Guardians clean up the trash, check how the reef is doing, and advise people not to overfish. They shield the ocean from human harm act and make sure all the fish and corals have a safe home.

Heroes of the Marshlands

The wetlands along Georgia’s coast are important for many animals. They help baby fish grow, and birds make nests there. But the wetlands are in trouble because of pollution from buildings and dirty water. Marshland Keepers aim to fix that.

Marshland Keepers help repair the wetlands, clean up the mess, and help spread awareness. Without them, it would be hard to make sure everything in the ecosystem stays healthy.

Keeping Beaches Awesome

People love Georgia’s sandy beaches, and so do animals. Sea turtles lay eggs there, and other creatures call it home. Beach Caretakers Association wants to keep the beaches clean for everyone.

Beach Caretakers Association picks up trash, tells people to be respectful to the beach, and works with other groups to keep it safe. The beach should stay beautiful for generations to enjoy. Restoring it is the highest priority. 

You Can Make a Difference Too!

You don’t need a special cape to be a hero for Georgia’s coastal wildlife. There are direct ways you can contribute. When you visit the beach, make sure to take all your trash with you and never disturb sea turtle nests. If you see plastic or trash on the sand, pick it up – you’ll be giving a hand to the animals that call the beach their home. 

Also, spread the word about how important it is to protect the coast and its creatures. Every small action you take adds up to a big difference. Just like the guardians we talked about, you can be a champion for Georgia’s coastal wildlife too!

Hope for the Next Generation

Coastal critters have some problems, like losing their homes and getting hurt by pollution. But there are good people and groups working to help them. From sea turtle protectors to wetland heroes, these special environment guardians are working really hard to make sure Georgia’s coast stays impressive.

We can help too, by being careful with our surroundings and telling others how important it is to be mindful of animals and their nature. Whether we live near the coast or just visit, we can all be like these groups and make sure native animals have a safe and happy home for years to come.

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