Breman Jewish Museum in Atlanta evacuated due to bomb threat

August 16, 2023
1 min read
Breman Jewish Museum in Atlanta evacuated due to bomb threat

A bomb threat was reported at The Breman Museum in Atlanta at 3 p.m. today, causing immediate evacuation.

Museum officials and law enforcement were quick to respond, ensuring the safety of every visitor. As of now, there have been no injuries reported, and all inside at the time of the threat are safe, according to museum officials.

In response to the threat, several streets surrounding the museum have been temporarily shut down.

The Breman Museum stands as a beacon of Jewish heritage in Atlanta, dedicating itself to celebrating and preserving the rich history of Jewish communities in the Southeastern United States. Its exhibitions have been vital in educating the public about the Jewish experience, from the Holocaust to Jewish arts and history.

It’s uncertain at this moment who is responsible for the threat or their motivations.

We will continue monitoring this situation and provide updates as further details emerge. Anyone with information regarding this threat is strongly encouraged to contact local law enforcement.

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