License to Steal Some Z's: Georgia Man's Snooze-Filled Misadventure in a Stolen Car Comes Crashing Down

License to Steal Some Z’s: Georgia Man’s Snooze-Filled Misadventure in a Stolen Car Comes Crashing Down


The Gist: A nap in a stolen car and a subsequent flight attempt have landed an Austell resident in the Fayette County Jail.

According to officers, 22-year-old Eliyahu Benyamin is looking at a host of charges following his ill-fated attempt to evade the law, with the severity of the charges suggesting that his troubles run deeper than a ditched car.

What Happened: On the afternoon of July 17, Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle seemingly stuck off Hewell Road.

Their investigation took a quick turn when they discovered the suspect, Benyamin, snoozing inside the stranded vehicle. Sheriff’s officials say Benyamin’s attempt to fool the law by providing false names quickly backfired, culminating in a brief chase on foot after he decided to make a break for it.

Details: The deputies’ initial discovery of the ditched vehicle quickly transformed into a cascade of potentially incriminating evidence. The suspect’s car, as it turns out, had been reported stolen from Norcross. This discovery was further compounded by the presence of several debit cards, checks, and three driver’s licenses, all belonging to different individuals, within the vehicle. Adding to the incriminating haul was a bag of marijuana and a pair of cell phones.

The Charges: The charges against him include serious felonies such as theft by receiving stolen property and financial identity fraud. His attempt to deceive officers with false names could also worsen his predicament.

Legal Ramifications: Besides the felony charges, Benyamin is also facing accusations of driving with a suspended license, providing a false name to an officer, marijuana possession, obstruction of an officer, suspended registration, possession or use of drug-related objects, lack of insurance, fourth-degree forgery, and using a license plate to conceal an ID. His arrest, subsequent to a brief foot chase, was reported to have occurred without incident.

What’s Next: Benyamin is due to face these charges in court.

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