Canceled MARTA bus route causes stir in Atlanta

April 17, 2023
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Canceled MARTA bus route causes stir in Atlanta
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Atlanta residents are voicing their concerns as the recent cancellation of MARTA’s Bus Route 183 on Niskey Lake Road and County Line Road significantly impacts those relying on public transportation.

In response, Council member Marci Collier Overstreet is urging MARTA officials to address the situation promptly.

“This canceled bus route will have a significant impact on residents who rely on public transportation to get to work, school, and other important locations in our city,” said Overstreet. “This is a disruptive change that clearly brings an increased level of concern from the public. Without a plan in place, MARTA will not be able to respond effectively to this change. It is vitally important that they communicate with the public in a timely and transparent manner to fix this.”

Overstreet says she has received calls from alarmed constituents in her office, highlighting the pressing nature of the issue. The sudden cancellation of the bus route has left many residents struggling to find alternative means of transportation, affecting their daily routines and causing distress.

“Without question, this needs to be addressed,” Overstreet said. “I recently heard from a constituent that has lived in the community for 49 years and has used the same bus route for three decades. They think this is unconscionable and have asked for an alternative plan from MARTA, whether that be a van service or some type of smaller-scale transportation strategy to be put in place without any delay.”

Overstreet is pushing for a swift resolution to this pressing issue, emphasizing the importance of a reliable public transportation system for the well-being of the citizens of Atlanta. She is calling on MARTA to work closely with the community to ensure that their needs are met and the disruption caused by the cancellation of Bus Route 183 is minimized.

About Atlanta: As the capital and largest city of Georgia, Atlanta is home to a diverse population of about 515,000 residents. The city’s educational landscape is strong, with 88% of its inhabitants having completed high school and 49% holding college degrees. With a median household income of $60,000, Atlanta showcases a thriving economy driven by its dynamic community and extensive opportunities.

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