First Mableton mayor’s race goes to a runoff

March 22, 2023
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First Mableton mayor's race goes to a runoff

The Gist: Voters in Mableton pushed Aaron Carman and Michael Owens into a runoff in the city’s first mayor’s race. Neither candidate managed to garner over 50% of the votes.

The runoff will take place on April 18.

What Happened?: Aaron Carman, received 35.8% of the votes, while Michael Owens obtained 30.6%. Candidates LaTonia Long and Michael Murphy were eliminated with 24.4% and 9.3% of the votes, respectively.

Out of 47,200 eligible voters in Mableton, only 12.8% participated in the election.

Why It Matters: The election’s outcome will influence Mableton’s direction, with Carman’s campaign being rooted in the de-annexation movement and Owens having a long history of community involvement.

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