OMG! Georgia uses the most text abbreviations

1 min read

Y’all ready for some news that will make you lol or omg? Well, it turns out The Peach State is leading the way when it comes to textspeak.

According to a recent study by WordTips, Georgia residents are the most proficient users of initialisms in the entire United States.

But it in’t just “lol” and “omg,” in fact. the most popular text abbreviation in Georgia is “ppl,” which appears in a whopping 5,942 tweets out of every 100,000.

When it comes to online communication, Georgians are all about efficiency and speed. Why type out a whole word when you can use a simple abbreviation to get your message across?

Georgia is one of only three states that use over 5,000 initialisms per 100,000 tweets, alongside Louisiana and South Carolina.