Buckhead is getting a Georgia State Patrol post

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The Gist: Georgia lawmakers are listening to Buckhead residents who are concerned about crime in their neighborhoods. As a result, the area will see a new Georgia State Patrol satellite post in north Atlanta, as part of a 2024 state budget initiative.

What is it?: Speaker of the House Jon Burns, a Republican from Newington, announced that the House version of the budget will allocate funding to establish and operate a new Georgia State Patrol satellite post in the Buckhead area of the City of Atlanta.

The satellite post will be able to accommodate up to 20 existing troopers detailed from the motor unit and the Nighthawks DUI Task Force.

How much does it cost?: The House version of the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget will allocate $1.25 million to the Georgia Department of Public Safety for the establishment and operation of the new facility.

Why it Matters: The establishment of the new Georgia State Patrol satellite post in Buckhead will enhance the ability of state troopers to respond to incidents along and inside the northern perimeter, increasing the visibility of state law enforcement in the area. It will also allow for better coordination and cooperation between local and state law enforcement in serving residents and visitors.

The funding for the new satellite post also demonstrates the shared dedication of state and local leaders to tackle crime and street gangs, increasing public safety for Buckhead citizens while supporting existing efforts and initiatives.

The Quotes: “Our new facility is not meant to supplant the City of Atlanta’s police department. On the contrary, it is my hope this new facility will allow for better coordination and cooperation between local and state law enforcement when it comes to serving our residents and visitors.” -Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns.

“On all levels in Georgia, we’re demonstrating we will not tolerate crime or street gangs. Through strong partnerships with both state and local leaders, we’re bringing the fight to those who threaten our communities. This newest post will be the latest example of those partnerships at work, and I’m thankful for both the House and Senate’s shared dedication to this effort.” -Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

“Addressing crime and working with law enforcement to tackle the issue head on is a top priority I will not waiver on. Funding for this new satellite post will increase resources for an area in the state where citizens have been seeking a larger law enforcement presence. By working together, the city, county and state can increase public safety for citizens while supporting existing efforts and initiatives.” -Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones.