A truck crashed into a generator in Alpharetta causing fuel to leak toward a nearby waterway

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ALPHARETTA — In the early hours of Saturday morning Alpharetta firefighters responded to a call for a vehicle crash.

When they arrived on scene crews found a truck had crashed at high speed into a large generator that was set up on the side of the road.

Extensive damage to the generator caused the equipment to leak a large amount of its diesel fuel into the gutter, which began to make its way to a nearby waterway. 

The crew from Engine 81 was able to stop the fuel’s movement and keep it from getting into the waterway.

Due to the large volume of diesel fuel and its potential for contamination, HazMat 84 was requested. HazMat 84 was able to plug the leak from the generator and spread absorbing products to mitigate the leaked fuel. 

There were no injuries reported and no ecological damage done.