Harry & Meghan: 12 Revelations from their new Netflix Docuseries

December 8, 2022
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Harry & Meghan: 12 Revelations from their new Netflix Docuseries
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Harry & Meghan, Episodes 1-3.]

The first half of Netflix‘s docuseries Harry & Meghan has arrived and it’s offering some new insight into the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who work to take control of their own narrative with the show.

Presented in two halves, Harry & Meghan‘s first batch of episodes drops on December 8 with the remaining three installments arriving on December 15. Ranging from the story of how they really met to Meghan’s first Christmas with the Royal family, below, we’re rounding up some of the biggest revelations from the first three episodes released so far.

They Met on Instagram

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

In candid segments for the show, Prince Harry and Meghan reveal the details about how they originally met, and according to the Duke, he first saw Meghan on a friend’s Instagram Story with a dog filter on her face. Charmed, he asked to be connected to her and from there, they made plans to meet up for a first date. Despite being late that first evening, Meghan knew her future husband was genuinely sorry for the blunder as she recalled his sweaty appearance. Their first chat went so well, that they made plans to have dinner together the next evening where the Prince teased that Meghan was late on that occasion, but only by five minutes, a small margin in comparison to being a half-hour late like he had been.

They Spent a Week Living in a Tent

'Harry & Meghan' for Netflix

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Following their first two dates, the pair worked on trying to make their schedules coordinate, and the next occasion that they both had a week off together, he decided to show her Botswana. The country had grown very special to him over the years and both Harry and Meghan say it was the test of staying in a tent together for a week that convinced them they could carry on with their newly forming relationship. Meghan said it was “easy” and “exciting” of falling in love with Harry, and this particular adventure exemplified that.

Tea at Bergdorf Goodman’s

Abigail Spencer and Meghan Markle in 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Featured as one of the docuseries’ many commentators, Meghan’s pal and fellow actress Abigail Spencer recalled the day Meghan informed her that she’d fallen in love with Harry. Spencer explained that she and Meghan enjoyed having tea at Bergdorf Goodman’s, and that’s where they were when Meghan shared the news with her. A celebratory selfie was snapped just moments after.

Two Week Rule

Meghan made a two-week rule in which she and Harry had to see each other about every two weeks. Before their relationship became public, it was easier for her to travel to Harry and so that’s what they did for several months. Eventually, Harry also began traveling when he could for the two-week rule, visiting Meghan in Toronto where she’d been filming Suits.

The Last Halloween

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrate Halloween in 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Harry and Meghan learned that their relationship would be announced by the press a day after Halloween, and so the pair remembered that they took the opportunity to celebrate their last shred of freedom by going out on the town with friends. Photos tease their covert costumes perfect for evading attention.

Daddy’s Girl

In the second episode, Meghan discusses what it’s like to be a child of divorce, and how despite being raised between two households, she appreciated her parents’ effort to give her the life she did have. Meghan claims when she was growing up, she had been a daddy’s girl, spending weekends with her father.

Security Concerns

Steve Davies in 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Meghan’s former security detail, Steve Davies was brought on to work for the actress by NBC when she was still on Suits and he recalls the initial fervor that surrounded her, noting it was the most intense reaction he’s ever seen around any of his clients.

Meghan’s Royal & Greet

When it came to Harry’s family, the first member of the Royals that Meghan formerly met was actually Queen Elizabeth II. She then went on to meet Harry’s other family members, who he claims were initially impressed with Meghan but didn’t believe the relationship would last beyond the first few months because she was an American actress.

The Proposal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement featured in 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Harry compares Meghan to finding a needle in a haystack, saying that once he knew she was the one for him, he was eager to propose, but he had to wait to do so until he had his grandmother’s permission, and the question had to be popped in the U.K. during one of Meghan’s visits. Together the duo remembers the evening he got down on one knee, photos and a video snippet reveal the candles, picnic setup, and presence of Meghan’s pup for the momentous at-home occasion.

While the proposal was private for a while, friends featured in the docuseries recall attending a casual engagement party where Harry and Meghan wore penguin onesies to fulfill an animal onesie theme, but also as a symbol of their lasting love as penguins are known to mate for life.

Meghan’s Niece

Meghan Markle and her niece Ashleigh in 'Harry & Meghan'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

As public scrutiny over Meghan began to close in around her and Harry following the news of their engagement, Meghan recalls the tabloid drama surrounding her father and half-sister Samantha. She clarifies that it was difficult to stay quiet on the subject because she’d become close with her sister’s daughter, Ashleigh. In many ways, the pair had formed a sisterly bond that was never really shared publicly. According to Meghan and Harry, because of Samantha’s comments to the press, the couple had to ask Ashleigh to not attend their wedding for fear of stirring up more negative public commentary. According to the three of them, it was a devastating situation.

Magical Christmas

When it came to Meghan’s first Christmas with the Royals, she remembers thinking it was the best time, enjoying all of the engagements and sharing in the celebration with so many people, as she had a small family growing up.

Harry’s Past With Unconscious Bias

Prince Harry addressed the fact that growing up, he’d been raised with an unconscious bias, but as the father of biracial children, he feels an extra responsibility to improve from his past shortcomings and do the best he can. He even addressed the controversy of his wearing a Nazi uniform as a costume in the 2000s. He calls the moment the “biggest mistake” of his life and is just one of the few aspects of his life he hopes to change through educating himself on the matter. Harry also credits being part of the military with helping to burst the barrier between Royal life and normal life.

These are just a few of the details uncovered in the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan. Stay tuned for more as the second half of installments arrive soon on Netflix.

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