25-year-old Peachtree Corners Man Arrested After Antisemitic Graffiti Incidents in Brookhaven

November 29, 2022
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25-year-old Peachtree Corners Man Arrested After Antisemitic Graffiti Incidents in Brookhaven

BROOKHAVEN — Brookhaven Police investigators have arrested 25-year-old Anthony Freshwater of Peachtree Corners, Georgia in connection to two antisemitic graffiti incidents along Dresden Drive. 

On Nov. 1, Brookhaven Police responded to the area of Dresden Drive and Apple Valley Road in reference to antisemitic graffiti found at multiple locations.

Officers on scene located the phrase, “Jews Kill Blacks” spray painted on the side of a private townhome that faces Apple Valley Road. An antisemitic slur was found spray painted in block letters underneath an overpass on Dresden Drive. 

Officers were later notified of additional graffiti being located on the University Baptist Church sign that read, “Jews enslave Black Lives”, and the stop sign at Dresden Drive and Peachtree View that also contained an antisemitic slur.

Brookhaven Public Works immediately responded to the scene and removed the graffiti from all locations. 

Brookhaven Police criminal investigations division responded to the location and began conducting a follow-up investigation into the matter.

On Nov. 11, police responded to the 1400 block of Dresden Drive in reference to antisemitic graffiti located on the exterior windows of the Brookhaven Wines and MyEyeDr. 

The graffiti read, “Jews own black slaves” and “Read the Talmud.” 

The graffiti was immediately removed from public view and investigators responded to the scene. 

Investigators were able to use security cameras that are strategically positioned along Dresden Drive in 2021 by the City of Brookhaven to capture the suspect parking his vehicle near the intersection of Caldwell Road and Dresden Drive during the overnight hours of Nov. 11. 

The suspect was then seen walking along Dresden Drive prior to the act. Additional traffic camera footage provided investigators with the identity of the suspect vehicle used during both incidents. 

On Nov. 28, investigators established contact with the registered owner of the suspect vehicle, Anthony Freshwater, at his home in Peachtree Corners to question him about his involvement in the graffiti.  Freshwater declined to make a statement and was taken into custody without incident. 

Freshwater was transported to the DeKalb County Jail where he was booked in on the following charges:

 Criminal Damage to Property- Hate Crime- 4 counts (Felony)

Vandalism at a Place of Worship (Felony)

Loitering & Prowling- 3 counts (Misdemeanor)

“There is no place for hate in Brookhaven, whether it is antisemitic graffiti or any other kind of divisive rhetoric which seeks to target, marginalize, or stigmatize any racial or ethnic group” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst after learning about the arrest. “We have come too far collectively to allow the actions of one or more persons to try to reverse the progress we have made. I commend the Brookhaven Police Department for their tireless work and dedication which led to an arrest of this heinous crime.”

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