These are the 10 wealthiest counties in Georgia

These are the 10 wealthiest counties in Georgia


A new study has revealed the 10 wealthiest counties in the state of Georgia. The study uses metrics like per capita investment income, median home value, and per capita income to make its determinations.

According to the study from SmartAsset, residents in Fulton County rank among the wealthiest in Georgia. Forsyth County and Oconee County ranked second and third.

For a closer look at the top counties in Georgia, see the table below:

RankCounty, StatePer Capita Investment IncomeMedian Home ValuePer Capita IncomeWealth Index
1Fulton, GA$33,659$462,588$95,68333.31
2Forsyth, GA$11,710$470,610$67,85925.23
3Oconee, GA$14,668$372,884$71,76823.83
4Fayette, GA$11,003$395,044$71,38423.80
5Cobb, GA$15,233$366,577$63,21422.36
6Greene, GA$25,739$269,579$61,32621.40
7Cherokee, GA$9,863$372,917$56,27820.53
8DeKalb, GA$16,308$326,335$56,42820.50
9Morgan, GA$14,655$293,550$55,03219.19
10Glynn, GA$21,863$251,938$50,48018.47

The study’s methodology and interactive map can be found here.

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