Macon man drowns in Ocmulgee River

Macon man drowns in Ocmulgee River


A 30-year-old Macon man drowned Sunday in the Ocmulgee River, Bibb County sheriff’s officials say.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office along with the Macon-Bibb Fire Department responded to Frank Amerson Park, 2600 Riverview Road, at Ocmulgee River Sunday evening. 

Witnesses said that they saw their friend standing near the sandbar and when they looked away, he was no longer there.

No one witnessed the man go into the river or walk away from the river. Several citizens and park rangers attempted to help locate the man and after no one was able to contact him, the Macon-Bibb fire department was called to search and verify if he had gone under in the river.

The Macon-Bibb Fire Department dive team was able to locate and recover the victim’s body.

The victim Larry Rainey Jr., of Macon, was pronounced dead on scene by the Bibb County Coroner’s Office.

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