What is the City of Roswell's 100-day plan?

What is the City of Roswell’s 100-day plan?


ROSWELL — City of Roswell leaders have plans to accomplish several important goals with the activation of the Mayor and City Council’s 100-Day Plan.

First announced on January 24, the 100-Day Plan will take the City of Roswell through May 3, 2022, and will focus on collaborative, concerted efforts to achieve a variety of pivotal City objectives.

“We’re excited to get started on the priorities in our 100-Day Plan. This is just the very beginning of the great plans this Mayor and City Council have underway,” said Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson. “We have been entrusted by our fellow residents to get things done that matter to our City, and we want them to know their voices have been heard.”  

Roswell’s 100-Day Plan includes the following goals:

Develop a City Master Plan: Through a fully transparent process, the city will master plan Roswell into four economic development districts that will optimize appropriate development opportunities throughout the City.

Establish Oxbo Road Action Plan: By the end of the 100-Day Plan in early May, city officials will deliver a fully developed action plan for the long-delayed Oxbo Road transportation project, to include timeline, look, and costs. The Oxbo Road project will be completed by December 25, 2023. 

Implement a “People’s Calendar”: The city will make participation in public meetings more convenient for residents by doing things such as holding meetings in the evening and using technology to livestream meetings.

Activate Arts Master Plan: Developed by the Roswell Arts Fund, the Roswell Public Art Master Plan presents a strategic plan and community-wide vision for how public art can be integrated into the framework of the City of Roswell. The plan, completed after five months of study and input from over 1,900 residents, was presented to Mayor and City Council in 2017. 

Approve River Parks Master Plan: City officials will approve the Roswell River Parks Master Plan, which has been on the books since 2016. This plan establishes a vision for about 3.3 miles of waterfront public spaces along the northern bank of the Chattahoochee River, including six City-owned facilities. For more information, visit www.RoswellGov.com/ParkPlanning.

Establish “Best in Class” Police Pay Plan: Roswell Police Department has a long history of serving and protecting this community. City officials say police staff deserve best-in-class pay, benefits, and equipment. The mayor and city council will establish a plan to meet these goals to incentivize current officers to remain and grow with the city and to attract future officers to join the Roswell Police Dept.

Hire an Economic Development Director: City officials will hire an Economic Development Director, who will be the city’s chief economic development strategist, and will lead the development of short- and long-range economic development plans, as well as promote business growth, retention and attraction to secure a strong revenue base for the city.

Create a Transportation Commission: The city will create a citizen-led Transportation Commission. This advisory group of residents will weigh in on how proposed transportation projects may impact residents’ commute, safety, and quality of life.

Approve the Master Parks Plan: Every five years, the Recreation and Park’s Department produces a strategic plan that captures the community’s objectives, needs and priorities for leisure space, facilities, programs and service delivery. The mayor and city council say they look forward to reviewing and approving the 2022-2027 plan this year. For more information, visit www.RoswellGov.com/ParkPlanning.

Evaluate Zero-Based Budgeting: City officials will fully review the basis of government spending and strategic budgeting methods. They plan to take a close look at the city’s current practice of “priority-based budgeting” and will consider the possible advantages of practicing “zero-based budgeting.”  

Implement a Comprehensive Financial Review: The city will bring in an outside vendor to execute a full, comprehensive financial review of Roswell. City officials will look at all budgetary functions and department activities to ensure we the city is operating as efficiently and effectively as residents expect.

Throughout the 100-Day Plan, Roswell officials say residents can expect status updates from the city regarding each goal. Updates may be announced during public meetings or at special events, but the City will also share updates at www.RoswellGov.com/100DayPlan to keep the public apprised of our progress.

At the conclusion of the 100 days, Roswell leadership will provide a status update on all the goals and will announce their next series of plans, strategy, and execution. 

Questions or suggestions regarding the 100-Day Plan can be directed to Mayor Kurt Wilson and the City Council at mayorandcitycouncil@roswellgov.com.

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