Scam Alert: Beware of unauthorized pine straw sales in Putnam County

February 3, 2022
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Scam Alert: Beware of unauthorized pine straw sales in Putnam County

The Putnam County Sheriff’s office is warning residents of a group of people selling pine straw in the area and then demanding excessive payments for the service.

The sheriff’s office says it has received several reports of individuals going door to door in the Lake Oconee area of the county offering to sell and put out pine straw at residences. They reportedly put out only a small amount of straw then demand and excessive amount of money upon completion of the job.

Authorities say there also seems to be a pattern where they are targeting elderly people.

The incident reported yesterday involved three black males who were in a white colored truck pulling a trailer with pine straw.

Sheriff’s officials want residents to know that people who sell pine straw in Putnam County are required to have a business license issued by the county. If they don’t have documentation from the county to this effect, they are violating the ordinances of the county and are subject to be cited and prosecuted.

Residents can call the sheriff’s office if approached by anyone attempting to sell pine straw in this manner.

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