Heavy rains bring flooding and washed out roads to metro Atlanta

September 8, 2021
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Heavy rains bring flooding and washed out roads to metro Atlanta

Metro Atlanta residents awoke Wednesday morning to flooding brought about by heavy rains Tuesday night. Flash flood warnings were in effect in the early morning hours and many commuters found themselves either unable to leave their homes or having to take alternate routes.

Below is a rundown of what happened in the hardest hit areas along with photos.

Cobb County
Tuesday’s storms knocked out power to the East Cobb Government Center thanks to a lightning strike to a nearby transformer facility. The center, which includes a tag office, will likely be closed for the remainder of the day, though county officials are hoping to open it sooner.

Columns Drive near Atlanta Country Club Drive in East Cobb saw severe flooding. Heavy rains overnight caused flooding in many neighborhoods.

Cobb transportation crews worked 15 reports of flooded roadways overnight and cleared more than a half-dozen roads blocked by trees. Cobb Fire and Emergency Services, along with Cobb Police, made multiple rescues of people trapped in flooded cars. There are reports of homes and apartments damaged by the flash floods that hit from several inches of rain that fell in a short amount of time.

Cobb County officials are reminding residents not to walk, swim or drive through flood waters and that just six inches of moving water can knock a person down and one foot can sweep a vehicle away.

The Alpharetta Greenway is closed due to flooding until further notice. City officials will update the status using the Rainout App.

Noonday Creek and Townlake Pass trails are closed due to flooding.

Azalea Rd. is closed and impassable due to flooding between Willeo Road. and Highway 9. One vehicle has already become stuck. Barricades are in place marking this closure.

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