Brian Kemp surveys U.S.- Mexico border

April 30, 2021
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Brian Kemp surveys U.S.- Mexico border

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp isn’t in The Peach State today.

According to a post by the governor on Twitter, he is surveying the United States’ Southern Border with Mexico.

In the tweet, Kemp said he had just finished a boat tour of the Rio Grande River. Kemp also visited members of the Georgia National Guard at the border wall in Texas.

Kemp, who’s victory the Republican primary and runoff elections of 2018 was largely credited to President Donald Trump’s support, already faces a challenge from former Democrat Vernon Jones in the 2022 Republican primary. Jones is an ardent Trump supporter who spoke at the Republican National Convention.

Politically, a trip to the U.S.- Mexico border could help bolster Kemp’s pro-border credentials among Republican voters who support Trump but may not be planning to support Kemp in the 2022 election due to Kemp’s often tumultuous relationship with the former president.

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