Crossover Day 2021 in Georgia: Election reform, health care reforms pass

March 8, 2021
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Today is Crossover Day in Georgia, a big day for passing bills in the state legislature. Below is a live stream of the progress made by the legislature today. If you’re not sure what Crossover Day is, click here.

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Health Care Reform: The house passed HB 454, unanimously. The bill would require insurance companies to continue to cover doctors who are dropped from the insurance company after open enrollment at the in-network rate.

Election Reform: The Georgia Senate passed SB 241 by a vote of 29-20. The bill would set up a voter intimidation and illegal activities hotline as well as place limits on the types of agreements the Secretary of State and Elections Board can enter into. The bill would end no-excuse absentee balloting in Georgia.

Jerom’s Act: Jerome’s Act — also known as HB 346, would allow paramedics to administer Solu-Cortef to patients who are having an adrenal crisis.

Lottery Reforms: The House has passed HB 544 by 110-54. The bill would provide more oversight on coin operated machines in gas stations and would allow for payment by gift cards.

Henry County Government Reforms: The Senate is has voted to send SB 22 to the governor. It is a bill that would make several reforms to the Henry County Government, including providing a code of ethics and a board of ethics, as well as revise the authority, roles and responsibilities of the chairperson, the board and the county manager.

Changes to the Hands-Free Law: The house has passed HB 247, which repeals the first-time offender provision of the Georgia hands-free law. The first time offender provision waived the fine if drivers could show they had purchased a hands free device. Under the new bill, first-time offenders would be subject to a $50 fine.

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