Alpharetta looks for new trash service ahead of price increase

February 23, 2021
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Alpharetta looks for new trash service ahead of price increase
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ALPHARETTA — A looming residential trash collection price increase has the city of Alpharetta looking for a new company to provide waste services to residents.

The city’s current sanitation company, Republic Services, informed the city that it will not be able to provide services int eh future without a 25% rate increase.

During their March 1 regular meeting, the Alpharetta City Council will be asked to consider soliciting proposals from sanitation companies interested in providing trash, recycling, and yard waste collection services to the city’s nearly 24,000 residences.  The contract with Republic is set to expire on March 31.

The City has contracted its residential solid waste collection services to Republic Services — formerly operating as BFI — since December 1999, with the original contract being modified six times since its original adoption. 

“Our research into the rates for solid waste collection in surrounding communities does indicate, to some degree, that the rates Republic Services is currently charging our residents may be below market,” said Alpharetta’s Finance Director, Tom Harris.  “Still, we have a responsibility to our residents to get the best value, that is the best combination of service quality and cost, possible.  The best way to do that is for us to seek bids on the open market so that the providers have to compete for our business.”

While the City’s contract with Republic Services does allow for annual rate increases, the company has rarely exercised that right.  Now, however, company executives indicate that escalating costs related to fast growing tipping fees, COVID-19 safety measures, and other market conditions combined with reduced revenue from recyclable materials makes it impossible for them to keep providing service to Alpharetta residents without the significant rate increase.

City staff is preparing to request new proposals, but is advising City Council that a temporary extension of the contract with Republic Services will be necessary to ensure residents have uninterrupted service during the bidding process and while a new service provider, if a new vendor wins the bid, deploys resources. As recommended, the contract would be extended for a maximum period of one year; however, the City could cancel the contract at any time with a sixty-day notice.

“Unfortunately, the extension of the contract will come with an increase in the rates our residents pay for solid waste collection services,” said Harris.

ServiceCurrent Monthly RateProposed Monthly Rate
95-Gallon Cart Service (Trash/Recycling/Glass Recycling/Yard Waste)$22.89$28.61
68-Gallon Cart Service (Trash/Recycling/Glass Recycling/Yard Waste)$21.61$27.01
Senior Service (Trash/Recycling/Glass Recycling/Yard Waste)$11.88$14.85
Senior Exempt (Trash/Recycling/Glass Recycling/Yard Waste)$ 0.00$ 0.00
Extra 95/68-Gallon Cart$ 7.02$ 8.78
Extra 18-Gallon Bin$ 3.13$ 3.91

If the temporary contract extension is approved, the new monthly rates would become effective April 1.

The Alpharetta City Council will consider the issue during its March 1 regular meeting, which will be held at Alpharetta City Hall beginning at 6:30 PM.  In-person seating is limited due to COVID-19 safety protocols.  The public can also watch the meeting live at and at

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