Local Heroes: Four Valdosta police officers honored for saving a child’s life

February 9, 2021
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Local Heroes: Four Valdosta police officers honored for saving a child's life

Four Valdosta police officers have been commended for their actions last month in saving the life of a child who was unresponsive after a seizure.

Chief Leslie Manahan recognized Officers Dmitry Zimin, James Turner, Preston White, and Alberto Castellanos, for their quick thinking and response which saved the child’s life, by presenting each of them a departmental challenge coin on Monday. 

On Jan. 21, a mother was rushing her child to the hospital due to the child having a seizure in the vehicle. While heading to the hospital, the mother updated E911 that the child was unresponsive.

Officers were able to locate the vehicle and began to attempt to help the child. Due to the child being unresponsive, officers decided to go ahead and take the child to the hospital.

According to the Police Department, Officer White held the child and got into the backseat of Officer Castellanos’ patrol vehicle, who immediately headed to the hospital. Officers Zimin and Turner immediately began to block intersections to assist Officer Castellanos getting to the hospital quickly and safely.

On Friday, Feb. 5, the department received a phone call from the child’s mother who said while child is still receiving treatment, the quick actions of the officers saved her child’s life.

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