Elementary School student in Paulding County tests positive for coronavirus

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DALLAS — A student at Shelton Elementary School in Paulding County has tested positive for coronavirus. The school was alerted after school on Monday, which was the first day of school in Paulding County.

“We are working closely with local public health officials to ensure the proper recommendations are followed to isolate the student diagnosed with COVID-19,” Principal Paul Chaffee said in a letter to parents.

According to Chaffee, the evening custodial staff was notified immediately after school officials found out about the case and custodians were instructed to thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas.

The school also notified all parents of students who were determined to be in close contact with the student who tested positive.

You can read the letter from Chaffee below.

On August 3, 2020, after school hours, we were alerted that a student tested positive for COVID-19. We are working closely with local public health officials to ensure the proper recommendations are followed to isolate the student diagnosed with COVID-19. Our evening custodial staff was immediately contacted and instructed to thoroughly clean and disinfect affected areas of the school building.

Additionally, we identified and communicated with the parents of students determined to be close contacts. If you were not contacted by an administrator, your child was not identified as a close contact. As a parent, the most proactive measures you can take to keep classrooms safe and healthy are to screen your child’s health according to the following guidelines:

Check their child’s temperature at least twice a day.

Check for COVID-19 symptoms, such as: o Fever or chills, headache, sore throat, cough, or fatigue

New loss of taste or smell

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Congestion or runny nose

Muscle or body aches, nausea or vomiting

If your child exhibits any of these COVID-19 symptoms, the CDC and DPH recommend your child is tested as soon as possible. In addition, please notify the school front office as it is imperative that students who are showing symptoms stay home and quarantine.

Our goal is to keep parents informed as situations arise.


Dr. Paul Chaffee

Parents in Cherokee County were notified yesterday that a student at Sixes Elementary School tested positive for COVID-19. The school has transitioned the student’s entire class to remote learning for 14 days.

The announcements from Paulding and Cherokee counties comes as the two school districts are getting national attention after viral photos posted to social media showed students in crowded hallways and posing for pictures in groups that were not socially distanced.

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