Fulton School Superintendent: Have kids practice wearing masks

July 13, 2020
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Fulton School Superintendent: Have kids practice wearing masks

As the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations rise in Georgia and in Fulton County and schools prepare their reopening plans, Fulton County School Superintendent Mike Looney says it may be time to start practicing mask-wearing with school-aged children.

Looney, who has been outspoken on social media about the need for the community to take COVID-19 seriously, took to Twitter over the weekend to remind parents that with one month to the start of school, it may be time to start having school age children practice wearing masks.

Looney said the school system’s plan has always been contingent on the level of community spread in August and the system may have to change its plans based on increasing spread of the virus to include masks.

In a later post, Looney said state officials are telling school leaders that masks should be recommended but not required.

As of Sunday, Fulton County had 10,595 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 1,248 hospitalizations and 324 deaths.

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