Alpharetta Farmer’s Market returns Saturday

July 9, 2020
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Alpharetta Farmer's Market returns Saturday

ALPHARETTA — The Alpharetta Business Association will bring its farmers market back to Downtown Alpharetta Saturday with a number of safety protocols in place to address social distancing and other heightened public health guidelines.  The market has been operating in a different, smaller location since mid-May.

“The Alpharetta Business Association has done a good job of implementing health and safety guidelines associated with reducing the spread of COVID-19. Allowing the farmers market to return to Downtown provides a bigger footprint that will improve their ability to promote social distancing and the other guidelines set by the Governor,” said Morgan Rodgers, Alpharetta’s Director of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Services, which handles permitting of events in the city.

The permit issued for the event allows a maximum of 75 vendors for each weekly event, 25 fewer vendors than in past years, while expanding the area that the event occupies. This will result in a minimum of 11 feet of open area between each vendor tent. Tents will be on both sides of the roads and will be in alternating spaces to ensure adequate room for customer lines.  Pedestrian flow along the streets will be one-way to further increase social distancing space.

In addition, the Alpharetta Business Association will continue to use the following measures that were implemented for the “mini-markets” they have been running since May:

• All vendors and event volunteers are required to wear masks
• Chalk markers will be placed at each booth to mark social distancing for customer lines at each vendor booth
• Directional marks in place to help regulate one-way pedestrian flow
• Signage throughout the event site to promote social distancing and other COVID safety protocols
• Hand sanitizer stations at multiple locations within the event footprint
• All customers/attendees are strongly encouraged to wear face masks

“The safety measures the ABA has in place will be very familiar to anyone who has been in a grocery store in the last few months,” said Rodgers.  “Because of those, the Alpharetta Farmers Market will be fully compliant with the current state-wide orders issued by Governor Kemp and the guidelines set out by the CDC and other public health agencies.”

The Alpharetta Farmers Market is a program of the Alpharetta Business Association with support from the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau and Appen Media Group.  For more information, please visit or @DowntownAlpharettaFarmersMarket on Facebook.

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