Georgia police officers rescue newborn baby from car wreck

April 17, 2020
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Georgia police officers rescue newborn baby from car wreck

LILBURN — A harrowing moment for a Georgia family ended in tears of joy after police officers were able to rescue a newborn baby from the wreckage of a vehicle on Monday.

Police officers with the Lilburn Police Department were called to the scene of a vehicle accident on Lawrenceville Highway Monday where they discovered a vehicle had hit a power pole and then crashed in to a brick wall and a fence, before eventually coming to a stop.

Officers Daniel Bride and Cepeda Huff responded to the accident, immediately working to secure the scene and check the welfare of the individuals involved in the crash.

As Officer Bride approached the vehicle, two adults and one child were outside of the car. He soon discovered that the driver had been transporting her pregnant daughter to the hospital because she was in labor. During the course of the wreck, the baby had been delivered but could not be found.

Lilburn officers searched through the wreckage, and discovered the newborn alive, under the back seat of the vehicle. The newborn was immediately transported to the hospital. 

According to the Lilburn Police Department, the infant is presently in stable condition in neonatal ICU at a local hospital.

“I’m very proud of our officers,” said Lilburn Police Chief Bruce Hedley. “Their quick thinking and teamwork helped save the life of this newborn.”

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