Georgia Congresswoman releases web page of coronavirus resources

March 3, 2020
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Georgia Congresswoman releases web page of coronavirus resources

Now that two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Fulton County, Georgians are scrambling to get as much information as they can on the virus. State officials and representatives are also working to supply information to residents as quickly as possible.

One Congresswoman has created a list of resources to help Georgians learn more about the virus so they can take appropriate action.

The office of Rep. Lucy McBath, a democrat from Marietta, has released a webpage with a list of resources containing information regarding symptoms, prevention, response, and further information about coronavirus as it continues to develop.

McBath’s office is working with state and local partners and closely monitoring cases in Georgia.

“We are monitoring this situation closely as it begins to impact the United States, and my prayers go out to those who have already been impacted by this disease,” said McBath. “It is important that we work together as Americans and do our part to keep our families healthy, and it is critical that we fully address the scale and seriousness of this disease.”

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta considers the coronavirus a serious public health threat, and it is critical to understand the disease and follow the efforts necessary to prevent its spread.

McBath joined her colleagues in sending a letter requesting that comprehensive supplemental funding be made available to combat this virus and empower state and local governments during this public health emergency.

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