Here’s what Atlanta men are known for on Tinder

Tinder! Nothing more to say.

For Valentine’s Day, Kingsman Beard Club recently analyzed more than 3,500 Tinder profiles of men living in 31 of the largest American cities to learn more about single men in America and what the typical dating profile looks like. 

This research gives insight into what men throughout Atlanta are known for on dating apps.

Kingsman focused their attention on the main profile picture compiling insights into more than a dozen characteristics, including smiles, facial hair, attire, selfies, kids and cars. 

So, what reputation to men in Atlanta have on Tinder? Let’s take a look at the results.

Atlanta ranks 10th int eh nation for men who qualify as a “total package.” But ladies, don’t get your hopes up too high, only 19% of Atlanta men were rated as a “total package.”

But not all men in Atlanta are slobs. Only 2% of Atlanta men were defined as a “swipe left sh*tshow” by the group. What is a “swipe left sh*tshow?” That means the men weren’t smiling, their bodies weren’t visible, they dressed like a slob and were using a selfie as their profile picture.

If you like facial hair, you’re in luck. Atlanta ranked third in the nation for the most facial hair. So, if facial hair is your thing, Atlanta should be in your top three.

Atlanta men are dog-friendly. Dogs are important in dating app profiles, and Atlanta men ranked 7th in the nation for having the most dog-friendly profile pictures. No word of course on whether or not the dogs were being used as props.

Smile Fellas. It means a lot. Half of men in Atlanta were smiling in their main profile picture, ranking the city’s beaus at 18th nationally. The number here was an even 50%.

Body shots aren’t popular among men. Less than half of men in Atlanta — 46% of them — show their body in their main profile picture, meaning the majority of Atlanta men, only want to show their faces.

You can read the full report here.

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