What Started the Massive ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Fight That Left One Housewife Threatening to Call the Police?

May 29, 2023
3 mins read

If the “Real Housewives” of Atlanta are known for anything, it’s their penchant for fighting. And after 15 seasons, they’re ready to scrap to keep that reputation. In Episode 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, what started as a lovely girls trip left one cast member threatening to call the police. Here’s how it all went down:

Unwelcome guests to a charity gala

This week, the ladies headed to Birmingham, Alabama, as Kenya Moore prepared to perform and lay down some choreo at the Magic City Classic Halftime Show. Why? Well, after competing on Dancing with the Stars Season 30, Miss Moore clearly has a pep in her step. And if she has the chance to shimmy and promote Kenya Moore Hair, then nothing is going to stop her from shaking her peach in front of 15,000 people.

Though, as Bravo fans know, no girls’ trip is all rainbows and shampoo. With tension already brewing on the ride to Birmingham, Kenya surprised the ladies with a night out before the big halftime show at what promised to be an upscale charity event to raise money for HBCUs. What could possibly go wrong?

Despite Kenya insisting that the dress code was “high fashion, cocktail, bring your best”—and even demanding a wardrobe change from Monyetta Shaw-Carter after she arrived at the lobby in a booty-popping silver jumpsuit—the party turned out to be promotional Coca-Cola umbrella-chic.

Of course, Sheree Whitfield was dressed to the nines and quietly outraged that she’d arrived at a venue serving cocktails in plastic glasses. Probably more so after a young man asked her a question every woman fears: “Can I have a hug?” While the ladies were unprepared for a lack of table service and a sea of polo shirts and jeans, turns out the organizers weren’t exactly thrilled with their presence either. By Bravo standards, they were on their best behavior—not a single voice had been raised, nor a drink thrown—but the cast and producers were quickly asked to leave after Marlo Hampton requested sparklers in a bottle of champagne and Sanya Richards-Ross started to whine, plastic cup in hand. It turns out the women, cameras and lights were distracting people from the actual point of the event, so off they went back to their hotel.

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Rapping, rapping at the hotel room door

Ever the pageant queen, Miss Moore, who was a little embarrassed about the ordeal, locked herself in her room quick-smart to lick her wounds. While the rest of the women were left feeling hungry to keep the party going. (Who isn’t after one bottle of Moët?) Though Marlo wasn’t looking for fun, she wanted revenge. This was one too many Irish exits from Kenya for her liking, so off to her room they all marched. The “get Kenya out of her room” party, which started with good intentions, quickly devolved when Marlo kicked the room door as opposed to knocking it. It didn’t help that Sheree decided to have a good, old-fashioned kick herself or that Sanya compounded the banging with a few polite knocks. Whether it was the champagne or all the microplastics from earlier in the night, the good intentions didn’t translate. And as soon as the credits started rolling, it was clear this wasn’t going to end well.

All the tension from the car ride over, the snide shade at the dance class, and the almost-fight at lunch combined with the very-awkward evacuation from the low-rent event bubbled over. And one cursory “You better be awake bitch” from Marlo was enough to send Miss USA 1993 into a full-blown rage spiral.

Flying out of the room with one simple question, “What the f–k is wrong with you?” Kenya was frazzled and mad as hell, all while barely preventing a nip slip. It’s the kind of deranged fury you can expect from a momma bear whose 3-year-old child is fast asleep in a hotel bed next to her until a frenemy wakes them both up. And as soon as Marlo demanded that she put her daughter in another room and “stop being disrespectful with your broke ass,” it was game over.

Marlo’s annoyance that Kenya was gong to bed early, and Kenya’s pent up frustration turned into a screaming match in the hotel hallway, with Kenya threatening to call the police. 

Look, the beauty of RHOA is that it isn’t ruled by logic. And I say this because, even though Marlo is being an absolute menace, it doesn’t make sense that Kenya decided the best course of action was to call the police. Surely getting the hotel manager would be quicker. It makes even less sense that Marlo is knocking on the door at this point—yes, again—screaming “Summer!” repeatedly as the screen goes black.

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What will happen next? 

“Summer is over; winter is coming bitch” Marlo quips in her confessional. Does this mean more fighting between the former besties? Almost undoubtedly, and the blue and red flashing lights in the preview for next week’s episode don’t exactly suggest a reconciliation. 

But while it may seem that Kenya is ready to burn everything to the ground, including all her remaining friendships, a health scare has her dialing 911 for different reasons. And it’s Marlo that leads a prayer circle begging for her recovery! Whiplash anybody?

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