How Many People Are in the World in 2023? Everything To Know About the Current Global Population

How Many People Are in the World in 2023? Everything To Know About the Current Global Population

Here's what to know about the global population.

If you’ve ever felt alone in the world, once you find out how many people are in the world, you may change your thinking. The global population has been growing pretty consistently year over year, but rates have slowed recently due to a number of factors. Fertility rates, urbanization, and the pandemic have all played roles in global population growth, and climate change may also factor in population trends in the future. We’ve rounded up all the current data on how many people are in the world in 2023 and more based on a variety of data. Get ready to blow your mind!

How many people are in the world?

As of this writing, there are 8,016,940,460 people in the world—and counting! You can see the global population increasing in real-time here.

How many people are in the world in 2023?

So far in 2023, there are 8,016,940,460 people in the world. There has been a population increase of about 0.94% since 2022

How many people were in the world as of 2022?

The estimated population of the world in 2022 was about 7.941 billion people.

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How many humans were in the world as of 2020?

According to the United States Census Bureau reports, the global population on Jan. 1, 2020, was 7,621,018,958. It was a 1.03% (77,684,873) increase from 2019.

How many people will be in the world in 2050?

According to the 2020 World Population Data Sheet, the world population will likely be approximately 9.9 billion people in the year 2050.

What was the world population 100 years ago?

According to the United Nations, the global population in 1922 was estimated to be in the 1.86 billion to 2 billion range.

How many kids are in the world?

According to the United Nations Population Fund, there are about 1.9885 billion (1,988,500,000) children currently on Earth.

What year will we reach 8 billion people?

The world reached 8 billion people on November 15, 2022, according to the United Nations. The WEF observes that because global fertility rates are actually decreasing in recent years, it will take longer and longer to reach new billion-person benchmarks than it has in prior eras.

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How many males are in the world?

According to Statistics Times, there are 3.97 billion males in the world as of 2021, composing 50.42% of the global population. There are about 65 million more males on Earth than females. Do note that this refers to sex assigned at birth, not one’s gender identity.

Who is the 7th billionth baby?

The 7 billionth baby born in the world is a Scorpio! Born Oct. 31, 2011, the BBC reports that Nargis Kumar earned the ceremonial title of the 7 billionth person on Earth, though the United Nations acknowledged that there’s no true way to know who the actual 7 billionth person truly is. The beautiful baby girl was chosen in part to protest against female feticide in India and the disparity between the sexes in the country. Nargis’ father Ajay Kumar gushed, “We were praying all along for a daughter. She is Lakshmi [the Hindu goddess of wealth], she will bring us good luck.”

Who was the 6 billionth person born?

Born Oct. 12, 1999, in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Adnan Mević is considered the 6 billionth person born in the world. Oct. 12, 1999, was deemed The Day of Six Billion. Adnan’s parents, Fatima Mević and her husband Jasminko Mević, welcomed him into the world at two minutes past midnight local time.

Then-UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the BBC of Adnan’s birth in the recently war-torn capital city, “The birth today of the six billionth person on the planet—a beautiful boy in a city returning to life, to a people rebuilding their homes, in a region restoring a culture of coexistence after a decade of war—should light a path of tolerance and understanding for all people.”

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How many people have been born today?

At the time of this writing (1:59 p.m. ET on February 15, 2023), about 168,000 babies were born that day. The United Nations estimates that an average of 385,000 babies are born daily worldwide. That number has actually been declining slightly year over year since 2018.

Which country had the highest population in 2021?

China had the highest population of any country on Earth in 2021. During that year, China’s population grew to 1.412 billion people. India had the second-highest population of all nations on the planet in 2021 with 1.393 billion people. The United States rounded out the top 3 with a mere 332.3 million people.

Which country has the highest population in 2023?

China currently has the largest world population, with 1.453 billion people living in the People’s Republic. India comes in at second place with a population of 1.16 billion people. The United States is in a distant third place with 336.1 million people.

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